Protecting your data while and after using the ACORE website

The organisation responsible for running the ACORE website is the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (CERS HAS).

Data protection and security are a high priority for the CERS HAS. While using the ACORE website, your data is protected by organisational and technical measures applied by CERS HAS according to the relevant laws such as the Act CXII of 2011 On Information Self-determination and Freedom of Information in Hungary and the 2016/679 ordinance of the European Parliament and the European Council on data protection.

Although, we do not collect and store personal data via ACORE website, basic information of visitors’ IP address, browser and operating system, their internet service provider, date and time of accessing the ACORE website, accessed resources, and the website from which the user reached ACORE website are logged for technical and security purpose. None of that information is stored or processed for any personal or commercial purpose.  All data are managed according to Hungarian and EU data protection laws by the CER HAS staff. Our web hosting service provider (Rackforest Kft.) also has temporary access to the above-mentioned information and it also acts in accordance with the Hungarian and EU data protection regulations, and applies security measures that qualifies their system to host and mediate highly sensitive information.

The CERS HAS runs a register on data protection incidents and sends a notification to all users on those. In case CERS HAS violated the acts and regulations of data protection or did not provide information on your request, you should approach the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information by mail (1530 Budapest, PoBox 5) or by e-mail (