National policy workshop in Budapest, October 2022

The project results were introduced and discussed at a workshop ’The local dilemmas of industrial development’ at the annual conference of Hungarian Regional Science Association (, session 24) on 6 October 2022.

The two-hour roundtable discussion was focused on the local conditions of economic development and the social and environmental sustainability of the emerging paths. The participants (13) were coming from various institutional contexts such as research institutions, universities, SOEs, central governmental bodies, and local firms.

The key points of the debate were (1) the structural limits of municipal agency; the problems and conflicts stemming from the deficits of local governance; the fields where municipal power and capacities should be strengthened; (2) the risks of shallow local embedding resulted by centralisation processes; (3) the limits of current paths of reindustrialisation and how those should be addressed by local and national policies; (4) what are the potentials and barriers in current institutional arrangements and practices to address fundamental problems such as labour market deficits (in qualitative and quantitative terms), growing costs of social reproduction, and environmental exploitation which risk the current trajectories.