The ACORE project results were presented at the 2022 RSA Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Conference ’ Bridging Old and New Divides: Global Dynamics & Regional Transformations’ in Leipzig (14-17th September 2022)

Sessions organised by the project team:

SS16. Human Agency and Capacity to Act for Regional Development and Sustainability

SS14. Agents of Change in Old Industrial Regions of Europe

SS12. Agency and Regional Development in a Changing World

SS17. Roundtable Discussion: Lessons Learnt on Methodology Within the ACORE Project

Papers presented:

Franziska Görmar: Regional SPHERES – Cooperative Transformative Governance Processes in Old-Industrial Regions of Central and Eastern Europe

Franziska Görmar: Narratives and Local Development: A Comparative Study of Zeitz and Lauchhammer in Germany

Melinda Mihály: Peripheralization, Political Discontent, and Social and Solidarity Economy—Case Studies From Rural Hungary and Germany

Melinda Mihály, Erika Nagy: Reindustrialization and the Limits of Local Agency in the European (Semi)Periphery: The Environmental ‘Externalities’ of Path Change

Jan Píša, Vladan Hruska: Disentangling the ‘Capacity to act’: Social and Cultural Capital of Agents of Change in old Industrial Regions

Jan Píša: Change Agency in Old Industrial Towns of Czechia: Towards an Individual Scale of Local Development

Ani Saunders: A New Path and Paradigm for Development in Old-Industrial Regions in Wales: The Rise of the Well-Being Narrative

Linda Stihl: Spinning Forward and Digging Deeper: Agency and Changing Institutions in Old Industrial Regions